Training Skills

Magister Fit Non Nascitur (Trainers Are Made Not Born)
Extraordinary trainers can take dreadful instructional design and make magic happen. Ineffective trainers can take brilliant instructional design and turn it into a costly disaster. The success of any classroom training is directly related to the skills of the trainer. Have you experienced an extraordinary trainer? An ineffective trainer? What’s the difference between the two? What do great trainers know that ineffective trainers don’t know? What do they do differently that makes them great? What skills do they have? What attitudes and beliefs do they share? What practices and strategies allow them to touch us in such profound ways? What does it take to travel the mastery path toward becoming an extraordinary trainer?

Over the last decade, Qube Learning needed to answer these very questions as we built a team of world-class facilitators to deliver our sales, leadership, and team skills programs. We found that a wide variety of research has created some remarkably consistent answers to these questions. This research has shown that for trainers to be effective it is not enough to be right or complete in their subject matter expertise they also must be masters of process. Successful facilitators know which instructional processes will most successfully transfer knowledge, which will develop new skills, and which are most likely to shift attitudes and beliefs. They have internalized a complex set of skills that allow them to rapidly and effectively select and facilitate the best process for the content, the group, and the learning objectives.

Trainer Training at Qube Learning
To help Qube Learning trainers and facilitators develop the knowledge, skills, and mind sets of extraordinary trainers, Qube Learning developed a uniquely effective trainer training process. It includes these components:
  • A curriculum of transformational trainer training workshops.
  • A select set of trainer training materials, bibliographies, and other resources.
  • A rigorous trainer certification program composed of 6 “gates” of increasing difficulty each requiring significantly higher levels of training mastery.
  • A community of training practitioners who meet regularly to polish their skills and prepare each other to meet the certification challenges.
  • Regular personalized coaching and mentoring by more experienced trainers and facilitators
Qube has recently opened their proprietary trainer training process to clients and individual practitioners.

In addition, Qube Learning can help client facilitators develop their training skills to deliver all Qube Learning leadership, team, and sales skills courses.