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Qube Learning helps clients build high-performing organizational cultures around the globe through consulting, training, and technology innovation.

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Merger Acceleration Services

Imagine the impact on your merger success if you could identify potential culture conflicts, accelerate buy-in of your executives and staff, speed integration of your sales force, maximize workforce motivation while, creating a more agile, innovative magnet culture.

The Problem

  • 75% of mergers fail to achieve their anticipated results.
  • One of the most frequent reasons mergers fail is conflict between the two merging organizational cultures.

The Opportunity

  • In a 10-year Harvard study of organizational culture, firms that actively managed their cultures realized a 682% increase in revenue compared with a 166% increase for firms that did not manage culture
  • Qube’s Merger Acceleration Services can help organizations solve these challenges and realize the opportunity of building a high-performing organizational culture.

Merger Acceleration Services

To help mitigate potential merger risks and accelerate culture integration, Qube experts will perform a “Culture Audit” of the merging organizations to:
  • Identify culture strengths and weaknesses
  • Determine potential cultural conflicts
  • Identify buy-in issues
  • Define an “ideal” culture for your organization
Qube consultants will then develop a Culture Integration Roadmap that will help you to:
  • Minimize risk of culture conflicts
  • Accelerate executive and staff buy-in
  • Accelerate time to revenue growth
  • Transform organizations into agile, innovative, learning cultures
  • Create magnet cultures for top talent
To support your successful execution of the Culture Integration Roadmap Qube experts, armed with uniquely effective tools and technology, can provide:
  • A de facto Chief Culture Officer to lead the culture transformation initiative
  • Transaction Communication services and tools to ensure that the message is not only delivered, but remembered, understood, and applied consistently
  • Culture Buy-In Facilitation to align the organization from the top to the line
  • A Leadership Skills Curriculum customized to support culture goals
  • A core Business Skills Curriculum to enhance the effectiveness of salespeople, support teams, engineers, and individual contributors at all levels
  • Corporate University Development to build the infrastructure of a high-performance learning culture
  • Success Monitoring tools to ensure that your culture transformation initiatives endure and improve
To explore further how the Qube can help accelerate your merger success and create a high-performance culture, contact us today.