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Transforming cultures to inspire sustainable learning and behavioral change

Qube Learning helps clients build high-performing organizational cultures around the globe through consulting, training, and technology innovation.

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Building a Learning Culture

Whatever your organization’s needs, resources, and budgets, Qube can help you get the most learning bang for your buck. For those clients who have a need to develop effective learning but who have few resources to focus on such initiatives, Qube can provide a complete spectrum of instructional services, including designing, developing, and delivering custom:
  • Activity-based workshops and eLearning modules
  • Online games and simulations
  • Other online instructional media (Graphics, Flash, Audio, Video)
Qube Learning has the resources and expertise to be your complete organizational learning back-office.

Instructional Methodology Training

Qube can help your Subject Matter Experts focus on what they know best: their expertise. For those SMEs who are not instructional designers but who wish to develop engaging, effective learning on their own, Qube can provide training and advisory services that will allow them to:
  • Develop useful learning objectives
  • Write and structure instructionally effective content
  • Determine which instructional designs will be most useful to achieve learning objectives
  • Develop inspiring Learner Motivation Strategies

  • The probability of any learning initiative achieving its learning objectives depends upon the quality of four critical elements:


    The models, concepts, principles, processes and other critical information that you are trying to transform into knowledge.

    Instructional Design

    The instructional plan for transferring the Content to the Learners. The activities, structure, and course flow that engages the Learner to remember the Content, understand it, or apply it successfully to their jobs.


    The instructor-led or online media (text, graphics, course materials, audio, video, animation, learning management system) required to support the Instructional Design and transfer the Content.


    The implementation of the Instructional Design by the course facilitator or by the web-based training programmer.
Qube can provide a variety of Consulting Services to help you maximize the quality of each of these elements for any instructional program your organization might wish to deliver. The services Qube provides are tailored to each client’s needs and instructional design capacity.

Facilitating Buy In

The Challenge

One of the keys to any culture change initiative is creating executive and employee buy in. Seeking such buy-in. Corporations world-wide squander billions of dollars each year in ineffective large group meetings: Executive teams spend days wordsmithing vision, mission, and value statements that no one can understand or remember, much less use to make important decisions. Project teams wallow in naming, blaming and explaining why a problem exists without ever figuring out how to solve it. Sales teams listen to endless presentations about new products and value propositions, only to return to the market with no change in their actions or behaviors. Anyone who works with others knows that the amount of time it takes to achieve buy-in to any change initiative usually increases geometrically with the number of people involved.

The Solution

Qube has developed an innovative, large-group business planning process to solve this time-wasting buy-in dilemma. This planning process helps business teams achieve extraordinary results in a fraction of the time of traditional group facilitation methods. We call it Twitch-Speed. Twitch-Speed services include three phases of large group problem-solving:
  • Meeting preparation to define agenda, buy-in objectives, deliverables and optimal facilitation methodology of the business event.
  • Event facilitation to achieve objectives, develop deliverables, and establish individualized commitments and action plans.
  • Meeting follow-up to ensure successful implementation of the action plans.

Qube Learning customizes each Twitch-Speed event to meet the unique needs of the group, including its budgetary, logistical, and resource constraints. Many of the world’s largest corporations use the Twitch-Speed process to:
  • Create organizational and cultural alignment.
  • Solve critical business and project challenges.
  • Develop better communication, creative problem-solving, meeting facilitation and planning skills.
  • Build participant groups into high-performing teams.


Twitch-Speed Business Planning groups typically engage in a series of customized, facilitated, action learning activities that:
  • Start by defining problems as forward-looking, positive outcomes to be achieved.
  • Generate large volumes of high-potential ideas through powerful, divergent thinking excursions.
  • Select ideas most likely to yield the defined outcome, using a simple but effective Return on Investment selection process.
  • Assess selected ideas to determine core values as well as critical implementation challenges.
  • Make critical decisions using a simple replicable process that applies a useful decision authority/input matrix.
  • Establish SMART Action agreements by inviting participants to sign up for key components of the plan.