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Transforming cultures to inspire sustainable learning and behavioral change

Qube Learning helps clients build high-performing organizational cultures around the globe through consulting, training, and technology innovation.

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About Qube Learning

An internationally recognized thought leader in Human Performance and Culture Transformation for more than twenty years, Qube has helped hundreds of Global 1000 organizations on five continents to maximize individual, team, and organizational performance.

Recently, Qube has been focusing its research-based, performance technology research on exploring what makes the top 10% of business cultures so successful? How do the top business performers interact with bosses, peers, employees, customers, vendors? Why do the top performing organizational cultures have so much more sales success, more customer service success, higher margins, more productivity, with so much less stress, less staff turnover, less investment in time, money, and energy?

As trusted advisors to many Global 1000 CEOs and executives, Qube’s unique ability to blend our consultants extensive business experience with research-based performance models, research-based culture mapping tools, twitch-speed facilitation, and fun, interactive presentations learning methodologies, has established a reputation in the organizational transformation industry for delivering:
  • Evidence-based culture assessment
  • A deep understanding of workforce readiness, sales force readiness, and culture transformation
  • High-quality, innovative, engaging instructional design
  • Simple, effective learning game and simulation design
  • Cost-effective, fun interactive online learning solutions
  • Field-proven business skills, models, and assessment tools
  • Culture transformation solutions that balance solid research with the needs of the business
  • Qube Learning helps clients around the globe build high-performing organizational cultures through consulting, training, and technology innovation.